Halloween Haunts Welcomes You!

Step Inside If You Dare……..

It’s that time of year for creepish Ghouls and Goblins, Witches, Ghosts and Lots of Candy.  Your only protection from the evil that lurks on Halloween Night is to blend in with the walking dead with a good costume to disguise your human form.
witchmeanHere are a few tips from our resident witch Lil Viola that should keep you safe!

  • Never Go Out Alone
  • Do Not Provoke the Dead
  • Rattling Chains – RUN
  • Never Look Back Over Your Shoulder
  • Pop Corn Balls Are Your Friend
  • AND NEVER EVER…… Stay Out Past Midnight!

Spine tingling adventures await you, so continue on for a ghoulishly frightening time! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside.


Origin of Halloween:

Have you ever wondered how the holiday of Halloween began? I mean when you think about the concept it seems pretty silly: On one night a year dress up in costumes, and go door to door with your friends asking everyone you encounter for candy; but why? The complete Origin of Halloween can be found here: Read More!


Halloween Recipes:

Visit our extensive Halloween Recipes pages, for fun, easy Halloween Recipes that will be the hit of your Halloween Party. Scare up some spooky treats and drinks, or just get ideas for fast easy dinners for busy Trick or Treaters. Jam packed pages full of spooky and scary Halloween Recipes, even kids Halloween Recipes; there’s something here for every one!


Halloween Costumes:

Funny Halloween Costumes
Let us help you find the greatest disguise this year with the best collection of Halloween Costumes and Halloween Costume Ideas on the internet. Browse our extensive assortment whether you are looking for funny Halloween costumes, male and female theme costumes, fun, unique or celebrity Halloween costumes, costumes for children and toddlers, even cat and dog Halloween costumes. Feeling Crafty this Halloween, get ideas for homemade Halloween costumes that you can easily make yourself, and even more ideas can be found right here.


Halloween Party Ideas:

Make your caldron sizzle this October with lots of Halloween Party Games, ideas and tips for your Holiday party. Make it unique with these exciting Halloween Party Themes, and even involve the kids with plenty of Easy Halloween Crafts that will turn your home into a spooky haunted house.


Lil Viola:

The Story of a little girl whose life was changed forever one dark and spooky Halloween Night, when she failed to heed the elders warnings set to protect her from the evil that roams the earth on Halloween Night! LilViola

The story goes back 200 years ago to a quaint little fishing village nestled in the heart of upper New England. It was a crisp October morning and the villagers were in a hurry to complete their daily chores so they could finalize planning the annual Halloween Party, which was now only a few days away.

Every year on Halloween Night the small village threw such a bash that the music and laughter could be heard for miles away. There were plenty of games, music and dancing, an abundance of food, candy and all the cakes and cookies you could imagine. The children of the village would go trick or treating and then join the adults in time for the judging of the annual Halloween Costume Contest.


Halloween Stories:

Looking for a good scare to get you in the holiday spirit? Visit our collection of spine tingling, hair raising Scary Halloween Stories. Best if read out loud with the lights dim, but too scary to listen to alone. Like the chilling story of the ghost that terrified an entire town one Halloween Night, leaving only a few brave survivors to tell the tale.